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The functions of an Assessment Quality Partner - AQP

An Assessment Quality Partner must, in respect of the qualifications and part qualifications specified in the Service Level Agreement; recommend the external assessment specifications document for approval by the QCTO; recommend the external assessment specifications document for approval by the QCTO; develop and maintain a national data-bank of instruments for external assessments;publish exemplars of external assessments;recommend to the QCTO the accreditation and withdrawal of accreditation of skills development providers for the knowledge and/or practical skills component using criteria and guidelines provided by the QCTO; register assessors and moderators for the external assessments;develop c[...]


Education Training Qualify Authority – ETQA

An ETQA may be established in a social sector, in an economic sector or in an education and training sub-system sector. The principle of minimum duplication will apply in the establishment of ETQAs i.e. an ETQA is accredited in respect of its primary focus, based upon its association with the sector, so that its functions do not duplicate the functions of an existing ETQA. The functions of ETQAs include the following:

    Accrediting providers;
    Promoting quality amongst constituent providers;
    Monitoring provision;
    Evaluating assessment and facilitating moderation among constituent providers;
    Registering assessors;
    The certification of learners
    Co-operating with relevant moderating bodies;
    Recommending new standards or qualificatiosn to NSBs or modifications to existing standards and qualifications;
    Maintaining a database;
    Submitting reports to SAQA.
    ETQAs do not set standards; they assure the quality delivery and assessment of registered standards and qualifications. Furthermore an ETQA may not be a provider; its primary function is to assure the quality of provision and assessment of providers it has accredited.

In seeking accreditation from ETQAs, providers will have to fulfil the following criteria:

    Be registered as a provider in terms of applicable legislation;
    Have a quality management system;
    Be able to develop, deliver and evaluate learning programmes which culminate in specified NQF qualifications or standards;
    Have the necessary financial, administrative and physical resources;
    Have policies for staff selection, appraisal and development; for learner entry, guidance and support systems; for the management of off-site practical or work-site components; for the management of assessment;
    Have necessary reporting procedures;
    Have the ability to achieve the desired outcomes using available resources and procedures.