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TRAINYOUCAN Support and contact detail

Support and contact detail.

  • Please visit our website for full contact details as we anticipate of moving our ETQA office in the next year or two. We provide the following supporting structures to our learners.
    • FORUM: Our online Forum with model answers and discussion (login details will be emailed to you on the day of registration.)
    • HELPDESK: Our manned online helpdesk that must be used for all queries.
    • TELEPHONE: VOIP, Whatsapp, WeChat, Neotel, Telkom, MTN and Vodacom contact details available on our website
    • VIDEO: Selected videos available on our video blog
    • EMAIL: All email correspondence should be directed to our helpdesk on for auditing purposes.
    • WALK-IN OFFICE IN DURBAN: By appointed we allow FREE internet, printing and support by our staff.
    • MENTORING SUPPORT: Additional mentoring support by our previous learners.

Jobs Trainer, Assessors, Moderators and SDF

Opportunities for Qualified Trainers, Assessors, Moderators, SDF’s and Programme Developers to register on our FREE database.  We get daily request for qualified Trainers, Assessors, Moderators, SDF’s and Developers, but how do we find you?

Any individual who is:
•    Trainer – SETA Qualified/Registered
•    Assessor –  SETA Qualified/Registered
•    Moderator – SETA Qualified/Registered
•    SDF – SETA Qualified/Registered
•    Programme Developers with experience

  • What Kind of Training Do You Need?
  • Where to Get Training
  • Are There Special Programs to Help Me?
  • Where to Get Help
  • Additional Training and Education Opportunities

Register on – NO CATCH – TOTALLY FREE.

Another product of TRAINYOUCAN – supporting our learners and our community.

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Become Accredited

Jeanine Topping & Associates is a consulting organisation that is passionate about empowering Training Providers and Assessors/Moderators to perform at their peak.  Our core focus is to assist Training Providers with their SETA accreditation. The Owner, Jeanine Topping has been involved in Training and Development since 2001 and recently completed a contract with the Services […]

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Can you get certified without formal training?

Many experienced workers have had to forego a formal education because of challenging circumstances and financial constraints. For these people obtaining formal recognition in their trade or profession is made possible through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

In today’s competitive labour market, being certified in your field of practice is essential. This is not only necessary to obtain employment but to advance one’s career.

Sadly, there are many proficient and knowledgeable workers that have never had the opportunity to secure a qualification that expresses their competencies. This trend is rife in the artisan trades where training in fields like plumbing, mechanical and electrical work is often delivered in informal ways.

Going back to a university or technical college to obtain a recognised qualification can be a daunting prospect, especially for people who are well beyond the average age of study.

RPL was developed to cater for this unique group of individuals who have the skills to contribute to society but lack the accompanying certification to prove their worth.

Recognition of Prior Learning is an international practice recommended, endorsed and recognised by organisations such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

RPL identifies what people know and matches their practical knowledge to specific standards. Individuals are assessed against those standards and receive credit for the skills, knowledge and experience built up through non- formal training.

The applicant will be required to provide certified evidence or demonstrate their current level of competency in a particular field.

Evidence usually takes the form of a portfolio of documents which detail the equivalent study, work or life experience for which credit is being sought. This is known as a Portfolio of Evidence .

The assessment of RPL learners can be conducted one on one or in a group setting similar to full time learners.

There are many education and training providers who offer RPL services in their respective fields of learning. Education and Training Quality Assurance bodies can be contacted to find accredited RPL centres within their sectors, or view a comprehensive list of institutions that offer RPL.

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