• Skills Development Act amendment 15 Dec2017
    by TUCT on January 18, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    The minister of Higher Education published a proposal to change the Skills Development Act, comments due before the 31st of January 2018. Some highlights of these amendments propose to: The good: 1.   Remove SETA regional offices and create one central sharing system/office to be more effective. 2.   Sharing of resources, such as IT and HR. 3.   SETAs to … Continue reading "Skills Development Act amendment 15 Dec2017" […]


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QCTO Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) principles and values

The following principles and values have been taken into consideration during the development of these criteria and guidelines for becoming an AQP:The following principles and values have been taken into consideration during the development of these criteria and guidelines for becoming an AQP: External Assessment systems and processes must: be fair, reliable, valid, ethical and transparent; be consistent across time, place, role players and respond to a non-sectoral demand-led model; use methodologies that are fit-for-purpose and reflect a consistent level of higher  cognitive challenge;  avoid tendencies of exclusivity; adhere to the QCTO values which show: i. innovation and excellence ii. em[...]

To verify your matric

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1. To verify your matric:

If the certificate was issued in September 1992 or later, please contact Umalusi on 012 349 1510 or . (Their fee varies from case to case.)

If the certificate was issued before September 1992, it can be verified by the Department of Basic Education on 012 357 3900, or any Provincial Department of Education.

2.  Request a copy of your Senior Certificate and National Senior Certificate (your matric/Gr12)

Umalusi is responsible for the replacement of the Senior Certificate and National Senior Certificate as from September 1992.

To apply for a replacement (in lieu of a lost certificate) of your matric/Gr12 certificate the following is required:

A completed application form, which can be obtained at any of the departments of education or on the website of the National Department of Basic Education (

Applications forms must be completed taking care of the detail required, e.g. year qualifications obtained, surname and names under which the person qualified for the certificate and where possible the school name.

Applications for lost certificate / re-issues can be done at any of the Departments of Education, irrespective of where you wrote your matric, for example, if you have written the exam in a school in Eastern Cape, you can approach the Mpumalanga Department of Education for a replacement certificate.

An affidavit – All applications for replacement of lost/damaged certificates should be accompanied by a signed affidavit from a police station stating the status of the original certificate e.g. stolen; lost in a move.

It should be noted that the previous certificate is cancelled when a replacement certificate is issued.

A certified copy of the candidate`s identity document is required. (This copy must be certified by a commissioner of oaths. A copy can be made and certified either at a police station or at an attorney`s office where they should do it for free.)

Proof of payment of administration fees – An administration fee is payable with a request for a certificate. The fee payable can be established with the accredited assessment body. The fee is reviewed on an annual basis.

Please note the following important information:

A certificate cannot be issued on the same day that the application is submitted. The processing time is 4 – 6 weeks under normal circumstances.

A request for replacements for certificates obtained prior to November 1992 can be made from the office of any of the Departments of Education and the same procedure followed.

Contact details for the various provincial and National Departments are as follows:

No. Surname Name Organisation Email Telephone No.
1. Mokgojoa T Gauteng DOE (011) 403 1314
2 Van Heerden E Free State DOE ((051) 404 8484
3. Nene T Department of Basic Education (012) 357 3256
4. Dumisa T Eastern Cape DOE (043) 604 7709
5. Keetile B North West DOE (018) 388 0800
6. Pekeur M WCED (021) 467 2483
7. Thomas E Limpopo DOE (015) 290 7747
8. Sewlal T KZN DOE (031) 327 0331
9. Fredericks N Northern Cape DOE (053) 839 6585
10. Viljoen M Mpumalanga DOE (013) 766 0016